These articles are sent to multiple reviewers. After the review takes place a discussion article by the editorial board. The process of review and discussion of a confidential nature, its follow-up decision of the publication of the article.

Accompanying the article, the processing of comments and comments of reviewers and editors, approval of changes to the authors, editing and creation of the final version of the article made the magazine's editors.

Papers accepted for publication are posted on the journal's Web site in the next release.

The final version of the article, as agreed with the editors, the author also loads through online system for its proofreading, typesetting and publication in the journal, as well as adds to the file of the scanned article file the license agreement and the act of acceptance and transfer of the article, filled in and signed by the authors.

All articles published in the journal, included in the annual archive CD-ROM, which is subject to state registration with the purpose of copyright protection. Authors of published articles receive one free copy of the author's CD-ROM.