Russian Digital Libraries Journal (RDLJ) is published on website Here you can get detailed information about the journal, to get acquainted with fresh releases and read earlier, to clarify the procedure for the submission of articles and other material for publication.

Receive articles and review carried out through the online system, created in the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform information system (see Section to authors).

As a rule, the reviewer is chosen from among the members of the editorial staff of the editorial board and other prominent Russian and foreign scientists. Agreeing to the request of editors of peer-reviewed article, the reviewer OJS is registered in the system and receives materials for evaluation. Further, the reviewer shall act in accordance with the instructions, available on the journal's information platform.

Revision encourages reviewers involved in the assessment of the articles offered for publication in our journal, to adhere to the above-mentioned Code of Ethics of scientific publications and principles enshrined in the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (Ethical guidelines for reviewers), developed by COPE, as well as the rules published articles adopted in the publishing house Elsevier journal.

We invite authoritative Russian and foreign scientists specializing in in the field of digital libraries research, to take part in the examination of articles in RDLJ and register in the platform of RDLJ.

RDLJ is a publication of open access for readers. When using the materials you need to be sure to refer to the journal and the authors of articles. Allowed free reproduction of the journal materials for personal use and free use of informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes in accordance with Articles 1273 and 1274 of Chapter 70 of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Other uses are possible only after the conclusion of appropriate written agreements with the copyright holder.