Ferenec A.A.

Razrabotka programmnogo kompleksa generacii voprosov po zadannym subektam pri pomoschi semanticheskoy seti
Annotation: An approach to automatically generating questions for tests or quizzes using the DBPedia knowledge graph is presented here. The selected knowledge graph has about 5 million entities. DBpedia SPARQL endpoint the ability to make queries to the semantic network using the SPARQL language. The algorithm, the basic queries to the knowledge graph for constructing questions, a non-standard approach to the search for entities are presented in this article.
Development of a system for detecting video duplicates based on their color maps
Annotation: This article describes the development of a system for detecting duplicate video files based on the method of obtaining and analyzing the color map of a video sequence, as an approach that does not require large computational resources, is applicable to a wide range of types of video clips and has small distortions relatively to the original.