Serebryakov V.A.

Spatial data infrastructure for the scientific research
Integration capabilities of Digital library management system LibMeta
Annotation: Digital library management system LibMeta is presented. It provides a means of library and museum metadata integration. Metadata schema of Digital library management system LibMeta which is based on ENIP schema is exposed. It contains main, library profiles and also profiles to work with museum and media objects. Integration of information from different sources could lead to duplication of resource descriptions. Detailed integration algorithm is given; it helps to avoid duplication of resource descriptions.
The Third All-Russian Symposium "Infrastructure of scientific information resources and systems"
Annotation: This article analyzes the work of the Third All-Russian Symposium "Infrastructure scientific information resources and systems", held in Sukhum, Abkhazia, 5-8 October 2013. The avalanche growth of electronic content required the development of new approaches to storage and continuous access to digital scientific data. Of particular interest are the current scientific tasks of creating spatial data infrastructures. Symposium traditionally discusses issues related to the integration of geographic information resources and free access to them, research e-Infrastructures to form a distributed scientific information resources, development of related directories and create a network of integrated, interoperable databases. The development of e-Science Infrastructures should be the basis of emerging systems for collective work of researchers based on a virtual integration of information and computing resources. The main focus of the Third Symposium were questions the use of modern approaches to technology development of information systems to the problems of informational support of scientific research.
Electronic libraries in the Computing Center of Russian Rcademy of Sciences - main developments
Annotation: The main projects that have been implemented in the Computing Center named A.A. Dorodnitsyna of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CC RAS) for the last 20 years, that is, since 1998, are analyzed. One of the first was the implementation of the pilot project “Integrated Information Resource System (ISIR) RAS”. The successful completion of this project allowed the development of work on the integration of heterogeneous scientific information resources into the general academic scientific information system. An important stage was the project of creating the Unified Scientific Information Space (ENIP) of the RAS. This project was based on the subsystem “Scientific Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, created at the CC of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Scientific Telecommunications (CNTK) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Considering the importance of building digital libraries, in 2006 the Russian Academy of Sciences adopted the target scientific program “Creating the Central Bank “Scientific Heritage of Russia”, in accordance with which the digital library was implemented. The created GeoMeta Portal is a standardized and decentralized spatial information management environment designed to access geodatabases, map products and associated metadata from various sources, facilitating the exchange of spatial information between organizations and its sharing via the Internet. Currently, the main line of work is the LibMeta digital personal semantic library. The main task of this system is to provide the user with a unified view for the possibility of automated extraction of information of interest to him on a particular subject area.