The editorial Board of the journal "Russian Digital Libraries Journal" operates on the basis of Kazan (Volga) Federal University ( - one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia, which celebrated its 210th anniversary in 2014. Kazan University has always held leading positions in the domestic and international scientific and educational space, outstanding scientists and graduates of the University earned him international fame, and University culture has had a beneficial effect on the development of Kazan and the Volga region.

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Automation of collection and data analysis of user experience in interactive mobile prototypes usage
Annotation: The paper describes the developed platform for data collection and data analysis of user experience in interactive prototypes usage. The platform allows to organise permanent and fast feedback between the target audience and interface designers. The system includes desktop and mobile applications, and the web-server for data analysis, information storage and connection between the client applications.
Mechanisms for using mobile devices in distributed computing
Annotation: The paper is aimed to describe a system with some mechanisms for using mobile devices in distributed computing. Emphasis is placed on components of the system which control tasks and distribute resources.
Development of a system for detecting video duplicates based on their color maps
Annotation: This article describes the development of a system for detecting duplicate video files based on the method of obtaining and analyzing the color map of a video sequence, as an approach that does not require large computational resources, is applicable to a wide range of types of video clips and has small distortions relatively to the original.

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